Stuart Heydinger obituary

Brilliant news photographer who worked for the Times and then became chief photographer of the Observer

In 1957, Sir Edmund Hillary and Dr Vivian Fuchs embarked on the first trans-Antarctic crossing since the doomed attempt by Ernest Shackleton 40 years earlier. The explorers were to meet and shake hands at the South Pole and the Times wanted a photo to scoop the world. They chose their best photographer for the hazardous mission, Stuart Heydinger.

Heydinger, who has died aged 92, was a resourceful, brave, 6ft 1in-tall former paratrooper, as well as a brilliant news photographer. When he, his portable dark room and a priceless prototype photograph-transmitting machine arrived in New Zealand, word reached him that the thin summer polar ice at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica could not support the usual wheeled aircraft.

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Source: theguardian
Stuart Heydinger obituary